The ‘Quiet’ thing

Quiet Carpentry refers to the use of hand tools rather than power tools in woodworking.

We have no problem with power and am very partial to hot showers and lights at night. We also have respect for the many users of power tools and the beautiful work produced.

Its just a personal passion for learning the ways of the craftspeople of old, their tools and their close tactile relationship with the wood.

And of course the enjoyment of looking down at your hands with a new blister, callus or splinter and then to a newly completed piece with the pride of knowing I made both.

We are able source the timber we use from either recycled pallets or from tree cutting businesses who would otherwise be feeding beautiful timber into a chipping machine.

Every part of the process is by hand; rough planning, resawing, dimensioning, right through to finishing with smoothing planes and scrapers. We even sharpen our saws, planes and chisels in house!